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I am a part time web designer in Caldwell, NJ managing small business websites and a few apps, all with a modern design, powerful backend, & in an affordable price range.


The internet is quickly becoming a scarier place for businesses, data, and users. All of my sites are https secured (notice the green lock or secure icon in your URL bar). This helps to establish trust for your users and will help your website rank higher in search results. This is built into all of my pricing models and only represents a small portion of what you are paying for (other providers will charge anywhere from $5 to $500 per year for this service). We use the Let's Encrypt certificate authoriy allowing us the keep your costs low and your site secure.


My sites are hosted on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) based in New Jersey on redundant solid state drives, meaning that your site is fast and resilient. In this way routine maintenance can be performed at low traffic times at designated intervals; keeping your site secured against the lastest threats as they arrive. It also means your website and data are here in the United States and you are supporting US based business and infrastructure, as well as keeping your web traffic from traveling overseas, which invites certain privacy concerns.

Custom Email

Every reputable business should have it's own domain email ( Included in constructing your website will be setting up a custom mail service for your domain. The email service is third party and will be provided at cost, which directly correlates to email usage. As an alternate option, I am experience in setting up Google's GSuite service and that can also be configrured for you domain and includes other useful features (see Google's GSuite website for more information).


All of my designs are fully responsive from the start using the W3.css framework and my extensive experience tweaking CSS3 to work for you. CSS3 is the coding language built into every desktop and mobile browser that makes websites display neatly and the W3.css framework ensures that your site looks good on any device as mobile traffic is quickly taking over traditional desktop traffic. People access business's websites from their phones and tablets and want to find only the information they want quickly and easily.

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Trusted Hardware, Software, & Languages

The hardware that your sites are hosted on is located here in New Jersey, meaning that content delivery is fast and you are supporting American business. The virtual servers running your sites are redundant, are backed up daily, and contain the lastest hardware; all of this prevents unwanted downtime.

All of my websites are hosted on servers running the latest version of CentOS, the linux distrubution used for secure sites across the globe. Security updates are installed constantly keeping your site active and free of issues.

Your sites are written using HTML5 (the content), CSS3 (the style), a little Java (the movements), PHP5/7 (the processing), and SQL (the databasing). These 5 languages are considering by many to be the backbone of the internet and provide extremely reliable performance. Of course other custom options are available, for example I can back your site with Word Press if you have found that to be something you want for your business. By now coincidence, Word Press is built with 4 of these 5 languages, making it very compatible with my websites.


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